Which hardtop is the right one?

Which hardtop is right for you? Let's take a look at the different materials our covers are made of, this might make your choice easier:

Hard tops made of GF plastic

Fiberglass is relatively common for the manufacture of hard tops and tonneau covers. This is a cost-effective and nevertheless very high-quality fiber-plastic composite. Since GRP shows excellent corrosion behavior and has a low dead weight, it is ideal for hardtops. The disadvantage is that the GRP parts involve a high proportion of manual work (laminated and rolled by hand), so the number of pieces is limited and the skill of the respective worker can influence the production quality. Another disadvantage is the age-related change and a certain susceptibility to surface cracks and blisters on the painted parts. Our hardtops are checked in a special test lane and meet the highest possible standard. All ALPHA and FLEETRUNNER hardtops are made of GRP, for example, and are among the top hardtops on the market.

ABS plastic hard tops

Few manufacturers make their hardtops from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS). ABS is a serviceable technical plastic which, due to its high polarity, is also easy to paint and is therefore used in particular in aesthetic plastic products. Its property profile also makes the thermoplastic suitable for many other applications. Due to their chemical composition, ABS plastics belong to the group of high-impact styrene copolymers. Mainly mechanical production increases the sales figures. However, the investment is higher. Just like GRP, these hard tops are relatively light, e.g. the AEROKLAS hard tops are made of ABS.

Stainless steel or aluminum hard top

Stainless steel and aluminum hardtops are extremely stable, robust, durable and highly resilient. Stainless steel (according to EN 10020) is a designation for alloyed or unalloyed steels with a special degree of purity, for example steels whose sulfur and phosphorus content (so-called iron companions) do not exceed 0.025% (mass fraction). The high roof load in particular makes the stainless steel and aluminum hardtops interesting for the user. Stainless steel, for example the RSI-SMARTCAP, has the advantage that it is less susceptible to corrosion than aluminium. Aluminum (Al) is the chemical element with atomic number 13. The name derives from the Latin word alumen for alum. In the periodic table of elements, aluminum belongs to the boron group, also known as the earth metal group. Our TOPUP hardtops are made of aluminium.


The GRP hard tops are a good solution for both private and commercial use. If you value a rather sporty, modern look, you will find what you are looking for with the Alpha brand for your pickup.

The ABS roofs from Aeroklas not only impress with a clear and optically timeless line, but also with the fact that you can choose between hinged, displayable or, in some models, even sliding side windows.

For use in camping and off-road areas, the stainless steel and aluminum hardtops from RSI Smartcap or TopUp are to be preferred. Thanks to their modular design, the roofs not only have a good supply of spare parts, but also an enormously high roof load. The RSI Smartcap roofs can also be equipped with numerous accessories in order to be able to use the storage space perfectly.

Commercial customers are very happy to use the Fleetrunner hardtops from SJS, as they can not only be optimally provided with the company's own lettering, but also the clear dimensions of the side flaps allow optimal access to the loading area.