Note on the disposal of old batteries/rechargeable batteries:

The following notice is aimed at those who use batteries/rechargeable batteries or products with built-in batteries/rechargeable batteries and no longer resell them in the form supplied to them (end users):

According to § 18 Batteries Act (BattG) we draw your attention to the following:

Please make sure that you hand in your old batteries/rechargeable batteries to a municipal collection point or to a local retailer, as required by law. Disposal with normal household waste is prohibited and violates the battery law. The delivery is free for you. You are also welcome to return the batteries/rechargeable batteries purchased from us to us free of charge after use. Batteries/rechargeable batteries may not be returned by post. Delivery address:

Off-Road Products
Vorholzstrasse 5
89343 Jettingen-Scheppach OT Ried

Batteries and rechargeable batteries that contain harmful substances are clearly marked with the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can. Furthermore, under the symbol of the crossed-out garbage can, is the chemical name of the corresponding pollutants. Examples are: (Pb) lead, (Cd) cadmium, (Hg) mercury. You have the option of reading this information again in the documents accompanying the delivery of the goods or in the operating instructions of the respective manufacturer.

You can obtain further detailed information on the Battery Ordinance from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety: Management

Special note for starter batteries:

According to § 10 BattG, we as the seller are obliged to charge end users a deposit of EUR 7.50 including sales tax if the end user does not return a used starter battery to the seller when purchasing a new starter battery. The customer receives a deposit receipt when purchasing a new starter battery. When returning the old starter battery to a collection point set up by the public waste disposal authority, the customer must have the disposal confirmed by a stamp and signature. The customer then has the option of sending this confirmation back to the seller, stating his customer number, so that the deposit can be refunded. Alternatively, the customer can hand in his old starter battery together with the deposit slip directly to the seller for a refund of the deposit. Shipping the old battery/rechargeable battery to the seller is not permitted due to the Dangerous Goods Ordinance

packaging regulation

Green Dot Off-Road-Products is registered in the LUCID packaging register and ensures the recycling of packaging that is subject to system participation in accordance with the specifications of the Central Packaging Register Office (ZSVR)

The full Packaging Act can be found here .