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After years of struggling with homemade plywood drawer systems and countless visits to the hardware store, the founders of DECKED decided there had to be a better way. They just couldn't believe that there wasn't an affordable and compelling solution on the market. Because of this, they began their mission on a napkin at a local diner to create a product that would improve the daily lives of working men and women. Whether for hunting, crafts, leisure or shopping, most vehicles offer enough space, but there are often no secure storage options for smaller tools, products or the like. As a result, a lot flies around loosely or is stowed makeshift in boxes. Finally, in 2014, after almost three years of design and engineering, DECKED was born. The drawer system from DECKED is unique because, unlike other manufacturers who often offer complicated systems made of sheet metal or wood, the surface of DECKED consists of 100% recycled, high-strength HDPE plastic. The construction is so robust that the Americans even approve an "on-top" payload of 900 kg. The surface is extremely easy to clean, which is an important argument for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The drawers themselves can be loaded with up to 90 kg per drawer and are weatherproof. Tools and other items can be transported in the drawer system without an additional hard top or cover. In addition, the system is UV-stable and can be dismantled in just around 25 minutes if this should be necessary.