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The Maxus T90 is an impressive electric pickup that combines performance, versatility and environmental friendliness. With its innovative electric drive system, the T90 offers a sustainable alternative for those looking for an environmentally conscious off-road vehicle. As an electric pickup, the Maxus T90 enables zero-emission driving, which contributes to a reduced environmental impact and cleaner air. With a powerful electric motor, the T90 offers impressive acceleration capabilities while maintaining a quiet and smooth ride. Thanks to its advanced battery system, the Maxus T90 offers an impressive range that allows you to cover long distances without compromising on performance. With multiple charging options, you can conveniently charge the T90 at home or at public charging stations, ensuring you're always ready for new adventures. The Maxus T90 proves that electric mobility doesn't have to sacrifice comfort and performance. With a spacious and comfortable interior, the T90 offers space for passengers and cargo so you can enjoy your adventures with friends and family. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, tackling tough terrain or just looking to make your everyday life more eco-friendly, the Maxus T90 is the ideal electric pickup that perfectly combines style, performance and sustainability. Experience the future of mobility with the Maxus T90 and enjoy an eco-friendly ride without compromise.