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Recovery accessories are an absolute must for any off-road enthusiast. When it comes to climbing steep slopes or traversing rough terrain, the right equipment is essential. Two of the leading brands in this space are Maxtrax and ARB, offering quality products that are both tough and reliable. With their premium gear and commitment to quality and reliability, they are an excellent choice for any off-road enthusiast looking for the best gear for their adventures.
Maxtrax is best known for their traction boards, which can help in tough off-road conditions. These sand boards are made of high quality plastic and have a unique design that provides excellent traction on snow, sand or mud. Maxtrax recovery boards are lightweight and easy to transport, making them an essential piece of gear for off-road enthusiasts.
ARB also offers a wide range of off-road equipment including roof racks, air compressors, differential locks and bumpers. ARB is known for its strong and durable products that stand up to the toughest off-road conditions. Key ARB Recovery products include shackles, ropes and winches. The ARB Tred Pro Bergeboards are also becoming increasingly popular.