Rope shackle / soft shackle 12t.


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Rope shackle / soft shackle 12t.

Rated load 12 t. / Breaking load 7 t. Diameter: 20mm. With protective coating.

Soft shackles are much lighter and safer to use than steel shackles.

The Liros-XTR rope shackles, also called soft shackles, are made of 100% high-strength Dyneema SK75 fiber.

Recovering off-road vehicles becomes much safer when rope shackles are used.

The ORP team particularly recommends these Dyneema shackles in connection with a recovery strap. It is used to reduce risk.

For example, in busy off-road terrain (spectators!), two rope shackles are used instead of the old, reinforced steel shackles to prevent injuries.

Metal shackles and torn-off lifting eye brackets could hit the rear of the towing vehicle like artillery shells. Everyone can do without this relevant experience.

Another big advantage, even after a really hard rescue, rope shackles are still easy to open again. Rope shackles are also suitable as a connecting piece or extension link between two rescue straps.

Temperature range: -30°C to +50°C | For care and maintenance use our "Lubi-Fill Spray" an impregnating agent for dynamic synthetic ropes.

Scope of delivery: 1 - original Dyneema rope shackle, color gray / carbon.

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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