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According to legend, Front Runner was founded in Botswana between a 1988 Land Cruiser 70 and a Mercedes G. The founding took place around a campfire near a majestic baobab, surrounded by elephant tracks and a handful of friends from South Africa. These friends were endowed with know-how in engineering, design and production as well as a penchant for off-road riding. Due to numerous painful experiences that the existing equipment did not hold up during their travels around the world, they developed new and more sophisticated equipment, which they called "stronger than the elephants at the waterhole". These were designed to meet the needs of vehicle-based adventure travel. This is how Front Runner was born before the moon gave way to the sun. To develop products sustainably, Front Runner focused on an approach that was both tough and loving. The company was steadfast about the future but intimidated by mediocre ideas from the past. Common approaches to off-road vehicle product and design have been jettisoned in favor of innovative new materials and superior manufacturing processes. The grueling African bush served as a testing ground. Today, Front Runner products enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, design and durability. Experienced professionals bring products designed with CAD software to life in an ISO-9001 certified facility outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.