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Rifle mount suitable for the Decked drawer system

The rifle mount is suitable for the wide drawer of the Decked drawer system and therefore suitable for the systems for mid-size and full-size trucks.
The two foam-reinforced, molded resin dividers that hold the stock and barrel in place provide additional security when transporting the guns. If necessary, they can be quickly and easily adjusted or removed at any time.
Designed for traditional rifles and shotguns.

Warning: Due to the variety of shapes and dimensions, there is no guarantee that your specific type of weapon will fit. Many modern long guns with optics, pistol grips, and detachable magazines may stack too high to close the drawer. Therefore, pay attention to the technical data below.
We also recommend the combination with the lock kit suitable for the Decked drawers.

Suitable for 3 long guns
Dimensions: approx. 19.79 x 47.37 cm (HxW)
Center Slot Depth: Approx. 4.25"
Side slits measured diagonally: approx. 13.34 cm
Clearance above gun mount is less than 1 inch

Scope of delivery: 1 - rifle mount consisting of two inserts.

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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