Third brake light cover Ford Ranger 2AB


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Third brake light cover Ford Ranger 2AB XL-XLT

3-Brakelight cover Ford Ranger PX - T6 2015+ XL and XLT Series

Cover can be mounted instead of the brake light.
This saves you space e.g. for the construction of: Hardtop, living cabin etc..

Item is supplied in white and can be painted over in body color (shown here in black for contrast)

Installation instructions: The brake light can be easily removed from the outside. First remove the black border (clamp mounted) then unscrew the two screws. You can simply unplug the connector. There are then no problems with the CAN-BUS system.

The cover can either be glued on with Sikaflex or a similar sealant, or pre-drilled in the material with the original screws.

Scope of delivery: 1- Brake light cover for Ford Ranger 2AB 2015+ XL and XLT Series for the third brake light.

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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