Bedrug carpet Ford Ranger DC


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Bedrug Ford Ranger DC cargo area carpet

Fitted luggage compartment lining made of robust fabric.

Ideal for vehicles that are covered with a trunk lid, hardtop or similar, for example.

Very well suited for anyone who wants to take a pet with them, as the opening between the luggage compartment lid and the luggage compartment liner is closed.

The Bedrug® is currently only imported by Off-Road-Products for the double cab models.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to attach

  • Anti-slip effect on cargo.

  • No rust under the fairing

  • Doesn't absorb water.

  • Dog or animal paw protection

  • Soft material, knee-friendly in case you do need to climb in.

  • Clean and neat appearance.

Note: The Bedrug can only be installed in vehicles that do not have a factory-fitted load compartment liner. Exceptions are loading area coatings made of polyurethane.

Scope of delivery: 1 - Bedrug® suitable for Ford® 2AB Ranger T6-T7 double cab from year 2012-2018

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Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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