Clearview NG mirror set Ford Ranger


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The new generation of Clearview mirrors for the Ford Ranger

Heated left/right mirrors with side indicators (LED).

The next generation of the Clearview mirror set is smaller than previous versions. With a double extendable arm, the mirrors are extendable up to 180mm. The mirrors have retracted almost the same width as the original mirrors.

Note: Large mirrors are provided with a so-called flat mirror glass. Flat mirror glass draws a correct, low-distortion image.

  • Electrically foldable and adjustable
  • The lower smaller Convex mirror can only be adjusted mechanically.
  • NOTE: without Tüv or fact parts certificate.
  • CE tested indicators
  • extendable by 18cm - see illustration

These mirrors are ingenious when towing wide trailers or caravans. The width-adjustable rear-view mirrors thus contribute to road safety. The vehicle driver can see behind him and his trailer much better. This makes it easier to overtake and monitor the trailer, which in turn also benefits load security.

Easy mounting on original mirror mounting points, no drilling necessary!

Scope of delivery: 1- Clearview mirror set for the Ford Ranger 2AB | SC, DC and EXC all T6, T7, T8

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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