Hardtop TopUp Ford Ranger 2023


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Achtung: Es müssen Load Box Reinforcement Brackets (J-Braces) in Ihrem Fahrzeug verbaut werden, um die Hardtops, Laderaumabdeckungen oder Zubehör über 45 Kilogramm montieren zu können! Sollten Sie diese nicht bereits bei Ihrem Händler mit bestellt haben, sind die J-Braces bei uns separat erhältlich! Andernfalls darf das Zubehör nicht montiert werden! Bei Nichtbeachtung erlischt die Gewährleistung seitens Off Road Products, sowie möglicherweise Ihre Betriebserlaubnis.
Hinweis: Bei den Fahrzeugmodellen Wildtrak, Wildtrak X, Ranger Raptor ist ebenfalls ein Längskantenschutz mitzubestellen um Hardtops der Marken SJS Fleetrunner oder TopUp montieren zu können!
  • J Braces
  • double cabin
  • 2023+
  • XL/XLT
  • Limited
  • Tremor
  • Wildtrak
  • Wildtrak X
  • Platinum
  • Ranger Raptor P703
  • aluminum
  • bulky goods class E

Hardtop TopUp Ford Ranger 2023

Attention: Load Box Reinforcement Brackets (J-Braces) must be installed in your vehicle to mount the hardtops! If you have not already ordered these from your Ford dealer, the J-Braces are available separately from us! Otherwise the hardtops must not be mounted!
The TopUp Hardtop for the Ford Ranger double cab from year of manufacture 2023 made of aluminum with high-quality outdoor powder coating, is the alternative to the RSI Evo Smartcap.

Due to its modular design, the hardtop is not only sustainable, as the individual components can be easily replaced, but also robust.
The TopUp comes with a static roof load of 350 kg (vehicle standing) and a dynamic roof load of 150 kg (driving).

The hardtop is ideal for tradesmen, craftsmen or camping enthusiasts.

Important details in brief:

- Hardtop TopUp made of aluminum high-quality black matt powder-coated or in car color*.
- Window on the front side fixed glazed
- Tailgate with safety glass pane lockable and with gas pressure springs
- Side flaps lockable
- All locks keyed alike (only 1 key required)
- Vehicle specific mounting kit
- C-rails on the roof for mounting accessories or roof rack
- With TÜV parts certificate
- Very high roof load: 350 kg static, 150 kg dynamic

The Hardtop TopUp is delivered pre-assembled.

Attention: not suitable for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak from 2023!

*Standard color matte black. Painted in vehicle color for an additional charge

Please select a variant as you would like to receive the hardtop.


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