HERCULINER UV protection

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HERCULINER UV protection coating

In order to increase the UV protection of black Herculiners, Herculiner Topcoat is used.
Since the black Herculiner can fade over the years, there is the Herculiner Top Coat
to counteract this.

This unit is quite for about 7 square meters.

Processing: Application for a new Herculiner coating:
The top coat should be applied between 4 and 24 hours after coating with Herculiner.

All surfaces must be clean, stable and dry.
If the Herculiner is badly weathered, the Herculiner must be cleaned with a wire brush, for example
be roughened. Product must be stirred well.
One liter of Herculiner UV Topcoat Protectant covers up to 7 square meters.

Herculiner UV Topcoat Protectant can be sprayed or rolled.
When painting with a spray gun, Herculiner Top Coat can be diluted with up to 30% water.

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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