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Lift kit OME Ford Ranger T6


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Lift kit OME Ford Ranger T6

The world-renowned Old-Man-Emu ® chassis systems are unbeatable when it comes to higher requirements in terms of a firmer, more comfortable and more resilient chassis. It doesn't matter if you tow trailers frequently, pack heavy loads on the bed, or simply need a higher quality chassis for rough terrain or on the road, Old-Man-Emu always has a suitable system for retrofitting.

The complete chassis offered here is based on Sport Medium-Duty + 100 kg front axle / rear axle

The suspension system OME-Sport suitable for the Ranger from year 2012+ consists of:

  • 2 - Suspension struts front axle HD quality

  • 2 - HD coil springs

  • 2 - HD leaf springs for the rear axle.

  • Greaseable frame bolts for leaf springs

  • 2 - OME Sport high-performance gas pressure dampers for the rear axle.

  • 1 set of spring clamps, and assembly material and installation instructions.

Lift in mm.:
Front axle: approx. + 45 mm.
Rear axle: approx. + 50 mm | at medium loads.

With TÜV ® parts certificate.

Scope of delivery: 1 - Ford ® Ranger OME complete chassis | Sports medium duty

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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