Loading platform extension heavy-duty Mercedes X-Class


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Loading platform extension heavy-duty Mercedes X-Class

This heavy-duty loading area extension made of waterproof screen printing plate for the Mercedes X-Class double cab provides additional safety when loading and unloading your vehicle. The practical extension made of steel saves you from having to climb in and out of the loading area. The extension builds about 12 cm on the loading area. The loading platform extension is particularly popular with craftsmen, veterinarians, farriers and long-distance travellers. The platform can be extended to 2/3.

The extendable base made of robust steel is mounted on the loading area using the existing attachment points. NON DRILL assembly.

The Off Road Products team is happy to help with the installation of the X-class bedslide.

Maximum load:

  • Drawer not extended: approx. 800kg
  • Pick-Up Cargo Slide extended: maximum 250 to 300 kg
  • Note: Do not overload the drawer.

Scope of delivery: 1 - Professional loading area extension for Mercedes X-Class X250 and X350 (470 series) Double Cab

ORP GROUP | Dept. Off-Road-Products4x4 is a body manufacturer listed in the Mercedes body portal.

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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