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Overcamp roof tent SMALL color black

the traditional fabric tent in modern use as a car roof tent. A reliable and extremely space-saving travel roof tent has been developed through the ingenious combination of a wide variety of design features. The reliability is guaranteed by the waterproof, tear-resistant and air-permeable fabric.
The small pack size, the functionality of the mechanism and the proven concept underline this additionally. Overcamp is a car roof tent, suitable for all types of tents. The assembly of this car roof tent is easy: when closed, Overcamp is a space-saving packaging on the roof, which is opened with just one hand movement. No ropes, poles, hammers to tie: like every Autohome rooftop tent, Overcamp embodies the ultimate in simplicity. The new folding system makes it possible to transport additional roof loads. This allows you to take a surfboard, bicycles, canoe... next to the tent. You don't want to surf or ride a bike, but you need additional sleeping places? No problem!
Simply assemble 2 Overcamp tents. Then, thanks to the Double Up system, you have 4 berths (2+2 independent berths) and up to 8 berths on the larger vehicles. Overcamp fulfills every space requirement.

1 - Closed it is just a small suitcase. The hood is attached with a cord and can be removed immediately. Made of vinyl, it protects the tent against rain.

2 - Unfolding is done in no time. When unfolding, the tent is lifted and then the telescopic ladder is pulled apart. Ready to sleep!

3 - A comfortable and comfortable bed a safe distance from the floor.

1 - Fabric: 50% Acrylic and 50% Cotton. Waterproof and shape-retaining. Breathable and no heat accumulation inside. Tear and mildew resistant.

2 - floor panels made of impregnated plywood. Water-resistant and repellent, stable and rot-proof.

3 - High density foam mattress, 2 or 4 pillows. Insulating pad.

4 - Adjustable corrosion resistant telescopic ladder.

5 - Window with fine-mesh mosquito net and interior zip closure.

6 - Interior window openings.

7 - Eaves to avoid getting wet.

8 - Two inside pockets.

9 - Two vents with velcro closure.

10 - Mosquito nets that can be rolled up on both sides and closed with simple zips.

11 - Entrances with 2 side zips and a full width zip at the base to prevent drafts. Two telescopic rods as standard to expose the opened entrances and to use them as sun sails.

12 - High-quality zippers with a long service life for heavy-duty use.



Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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