Tri-Fold Armorflex tonneau cover Ford F150 5'7"


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Tri-Fold Armorflex Cargo Cover for Ford F150 5'7"

If required, the Tri-Fold cargo area cover is simply attached to the cargo area with quick-release fasteners.
If it is not needed, it can simply be folded up and is therefore easy to stow away.
It consists of three foldable parts made of framed waterproof sandwich aluminum panels.
Easily foldable for higher loads

  • In the unfolded position, the three aluminum plates can be fixed when folded up
  • With the tailgate locked, the cargo area is secured
  • Quickly detachable
  • Installation without drilling
  • Improvement of aerodynamics and thus minimization of fuel consumption
  • Tailgate can be opened with the cover closed.
  • Splash proof

Scope of delivery: 1 - Tri-Fold Armorflex tonneau cover from Undercover for the Ford F150 5'7"

Since no pick-up loading area is 100% watertight, there may be water ingress at various connection points, this does not constitute a reason for complaint.

Installation instructions can be found in the download area

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