The hardtop RSI in comparison

RSI hardtops have been in our range for two years now. Initially only for the Ford Ranger, the product range has now expanded to include all pick-up brands for which we have accessories in our web shop.
Despite the sometimes long waiting times, the interest in the RSI hardtop is very high. But why is that?
We provide you with a summary.

In this article, the RSI Evo Sport hardtop and another of our best-selling hardtops, the Alpha Type E+ hardtop, are compared in this article. The two roofs compete in 5 categories . Design and construction, assembly effort, practice, optional accessories and spare parts supply.

Design and construction:

The Type E+ was designed in Europe. It is made from a seamless mold in GRP (Glass Fiber Plastic) in Thailand. It can be ordered in the respective original vehicle colour.

Both the tailgate and the sides of the hardtop have windows. The side windows can be opened and thus ensure good ventilation of the interior. There is also a sliding window towards the cabin, which allows the rear window of the vehicle to be cleaned. Its modern and sporty design ensures good aerodynamics. In the hardtop for the brands VW Amarok and Toyota, C-rails are mounted on the roof. These can be expanded inexpensively with suitable cross rails. Disadvantage: the roof load is only given as 50 kg.

Hardtop Alpha Type E+ on the Ford Ranger Raptor

The RSI Evo Sport comes from South Africa. In terms of color, you are limited to matt black or white. It consists of five individual stainless steel modules. The roof, the side parts with opening side windows, the glazed tailgate and the front part. As with the Type E+, this is provided with a small window. There is also a smaller sliding window in the hinged and lockable side windows. The roof has C-rails and impresses with a high load capacity of 350 kg statically and 150 kg dynamically. It also has a well thought-out ventilation system. The design of the RSI Smartcap is kept simple, but there are also very modern details here.

Hardtop RSI Evo Sport with roof tent on the Ford Ranger