ORP4x4 Multi Platform System

Transport made easy - with the ORP4x4 Multi Platform System in short: MPS

One often asks oneself: "Where to put my equipment?" We have a solution: The MPS offers the possibility to transport MaxTrax recovery boards, sand boards or other items above the Mountain Top roller blind. The space between the roller blind box and the sport wing is no longer wasted.

Not enough? Even small work lights such as the LAZER-LAMPS Utility 25 or OSRAM VX80-SP can be easily combined with the Multi Platform System to ideally illuminate the loading area of ​​the vehicle.

We wouldn't be us if we hadn't extensively tested the product ourselves.
It doesn't bother you when pulling or opening the manual mountain top roller blind.

The manual Mountain Top roller blind can be closed and opened without restrictions

It can also withstand quite a bit of stress (please don't copy it!!) as our product designer demonstrates here.

Do not try this! The ORP4x4 Multi Platform System can withstand even greater loads.

Please, dont't try that!

Of course, we finally went off-road and tried out the Maxtrax recovery boards ourselves, but also how the sand sheets behave when they are not 100% clean on the ORP4x4 Multi Platform System. However, this was absolutely no problem, because the pins can be closed reliably. The sand that was still on the sheet metal and fell on the mountain top while driving could simply be washed off with the Kärcher.

The ORP4x4 MPS in action

In addition to the brackets for the Maxtrax rescue boards (also suitable for the ARB Tred Pro ), suitable panels will also be available soon, in order to be able to use the system even more universally for transport.